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Renné Díaz 

General Manager

Martha Avilán 

Outsourcing / Audit Manager 

María Camila Díaz

Management Assistant

Daniel Gómez

Consultant Lawyer

Accounting Outsourcing Services

Our professional accounting services are first choice for every business. Regardless of its size, status or nature needs dependable accounting service for the smooth and successful running of the small or large business.


With over 15 years of experience, KALIZA ACCOUNTING OUTSOURCING and our professional staff will see to it that you are receiving knowledgeable advice from a trusted source. Our firms attentive customer service ensures that each of our clients is treated as if they were the only client we had.


We believe that the broad scope of our experience enables us to offer our clients a comprehensive approach to addressing their accounting needs.


If you are in the starting stage of a new business, you may need some advice on accounting protocols, structure and financial accounting software. Some of the services we offer are as follows:

  • New Business Assistance

  • Company Formations for Foreigners

  • Payroll Assistance

  • Full Accounting Support for Business

  • Business Record - keeping - Set-up

  • Tax Audit - Tax accounting - State and Local Tax

  • Financial accounting - Financial reporting analysis

  • Cash flow analysis - Monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting

Kaliza Accounting Outsourcing Services, IFRS Accounting Standars.

Ready to start a New Company?

Feeling lost and don't  know where to start?

We cut out all the hassle, and find the route that's  best for you!

¡Don't hesitate to contact us!

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